Residential Solar

We make it easy to go solar with an with an efficient, quality-guaranteed installation process. From start to finish, we handle every step until your system is fully approved and generating power for your home.

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Commercial Solar

Take control of your company's energy costs with solar power. Not only does solar improve your company's bottom line, it also enhances its public image- a win win situation any way you look at it.

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Agricultural Solar

Enjoy the freedom of self-subsistence with solar power for your farm. We've helped agricultural producers throughout Maryland. Take the first step with a complimentary, no-strings consultation.

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Maryland Solar Services

We are passionate about saving our neighbors money with renewable solar energy for their homes, businesses, and farms.

With some of the highest electricity prices in the country, solar power is quickly gaining popularity in Maryland. Moreover, the state sees plenty of sunny days throughout the year, making it an ideal place for generating solar power. With a solar installation, you can turn all that natural sunshine into a steady source of clean, renewable, and most importantly, affordable energy.

Countering Increasing Electricity Rates

Along with various other states, Maryland is seeing a steady increase in electricity prices with no end in sight. Utility companies love gouging their customers, and those in Maryland are no different.

With a Celestial Solar installation, you are no longer burdened by fluctuating costs passed on to you by an antiquated utility grid. Instead, you’ll have your own independent source of clean and renewable energy. No more worrying about rising electricity costs. No more getting taken advantage of by utility companies. Instead, you’ll be the master of your energy and owner of your power for the next 25 years.

The Celestial Solar Innovations Difference

As a company with strong local roots, we are devoted to providing our Maryland solar clients exceptional with service. In order to maintain our high standards, we adhere to several guidelines that ensure your satisfaction. These include always putting our neighbors above profits, being transparent, and backing our work with strong warranties.

Neighbors Over Profits
With our founder being a Maryland native, along with most of our employees, we have very strong roots in the community. Everyone who signs up for our solar services is more than a client, they are like family, and we treat them as such. Consequently, we will never sell you services you don’t need, or pitch you a solar system that’s not ideal for your home just because it puts more money in our pockets. At Celestial Solar Innovations, we understand that the very best long-term business strategy is to always put our clients first.

A Commitment to Transparency
We promise to always be transparent with our services and costs. From the first step to the last, you remain fully informed as to our process and pricing. You’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or unrequested services.

Rock Solid Warranty
Our solar installations are backed by great warranties that safeguard your investment in renewable energy. If any problems arise with your system resulting from a faulty installation, we’ll be there to fix it at no cost to you. We are not here to nickel and dime anyone, we are here to provide Maryland homeowners and businesses with the very best in solar services.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to power your home or business with clean, renewable solar energy? Are you tired of volatile electricity costs? Take the first step toward energy independence with a complimentary solar analysis. It will give you a clear view of how much you will spend, and more importantly, how much you will save.

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What Our Clients are Saying

One on One Attention

I’m so glad we purchased our system from you because you have given us one on one attention and nothing beats that. I hope your business explodes and word is spread about you like wildfire and more folks can experience the solar experience you have provided to us.

Brenda & Chris | Columbia, MD


The level of professionalism we experienced was as good as any top company I have ever dealt with and everything has been delivered as expected and agreed. The help with the paperwork for our grants and SREC setup has also been exceptional. We highly recommend Celestial Solar.

Shaun | Catonsville, MD

Excellent Customer Service

I cannot begin to emphasize enough how accommodating Jim was from quoting out the many different panels I was interested in, to working around my busy schedule so that I could be available during the install. Unlike other companies where the salesman hands you off, Jim was our contact throughout the entire process. The county permit, utility paperwork and HOA application were handled by Celestial making the process very simple.

In addition to the excellent customer service, Jim’s installation team was very professional, answering any questions or concerns I had. Now that our solar is live, we couldn’t be happier with the performance of the system. The installers did a great job taking pride in the appearance of the array. We highly recommend Celestial Solar Innovations, not only for their outstanding service but for their competitive pricing.

David | Frederick, MD

Very Impressed

Within 3 days the team completed the installation of 41 solar panels and all supporting infrastructure. The system was tested and worked as designed. I was very impressed with how professional the team was and how much pride they put into the job. I am particularly pleased that I chose Celestial as my solar contractor.

Doug | Frederick, MD

The Real Deal

Celestial Solar Innovations and President Jim Reilly are the real deal! My initial experience with another solar installer turned into a three month nightmare of broken promises, misinformation and lack of communication. Jim and the Celestial Solar team were the complete opposite. Very professional and proactive from the initial contact to the design and build stage through the permitting and final approval process. I wish I had started my Solar journey with Celestial Solar but then I wouldn’t appreciate the work they did as much as I do.

Craig | Beltsville, MD

Did Everything They Said They Would

I first met Jim Reilly in mid July 2014 during my vendor selection process. Jim was the most professional of the three candidates that I interviewed at my house. His use of technology in his presentation included a tablet which contained soft copies of estimates, energy savings calculations, technical specifications from manufacturers, and color pictures of solar panels.

Celestial Solar did everything that Jim said they would do…They charged only what they said they would charge. They scheduled the installation on the agreed upon target date. They pulled the necessary permits to install on my house. They scheduled the county inspection. They completed all work listed in the installation contract. They provide 24/7 electronic monitoring of the solar panel productivity. They responded immediately to all questions and concerns.

I strongly recommend Celestial Solar Innovations as an extremely reliable manager and installer of residential solar panels.

Charles | Reisterstown, MD

Installation Was Exceptionally Good

Jim did all the marketing and coordinating with the involved government agencies and provided all the paperwork for me to sign, along with full details on the system expectations. I own the panels so whatever they produce is mine without fees. The system is clean, efficient, and looks great on my house. The installation was exceptionally good. My first full month, the electric bill was down by a factor of ten.

I would most certainly hire Jim again and very highly recommend his company.

Mike | Highland, MD

Terrific to Work With

We cannot say enough positive things about Celestial Solar! We spent months researching the pros and cons about leasing vs. buying and met with several companies to get quotes. While all the other companies kept trying to push us into the option that benefited their company’s bottom line rather than ours, Jim/Celestial was the only one to respect our thoughts/methods and simply give us all the information we were looking for so we could make our own decision. Jim and his team were terrific to work with, his crew was super friendly and always on time, and our solar installation looks better than any of the rest in the neighborhood! Thank you Jim and Celestial!

Shelly | Frederick, MD

Attention to Detail

Celestial Solar Innovations installed a large solar array at my Chevy Chase MD home in 2016. I was very pleased with their attention to detail and the high quality of the installation. Jim Reilly provided excellent and professional advice from the design and selection of components through the completed installation and operation of the system. Mr. Reilly is an expert in solar installations. He was instrumental in identifying the most appropriate panels for my home. At his suggestion I used black on black LG panels which were a perfect solution for my home. I highly recommend Celestial Solar Innovations and Jim Reilly.

James | Chevy Chase, MD

Professionals All the Way Through

Jim and his team were great. Professionals all the way through the whole process. I did a lot of upfront research on solar and the various installers, having many quotes generated for our house. Jim was not only the most responsive, but also very fairly priced compared to others. He approached it not as a salesman, but as a discussion of investment. Once we decided to go with Jim and his team, he worked diligently with us to make sure our design maximized our roof area, met our energy goals, and looked aesthetically pleasing. His team handled all of the paperwork and permitting required for the process.

Installation took 4 days from beginning to end. You know they are taking their time and doing quality work during that installation, and were courteous to our needs as homeowners in terms of coordinating the interior work. You also know you have a good team working with you when Jim refers to everyone on the installation team by their name. If you went with Tesla or someone else, they subcontract out the installation, and you wouldn’t get that same personal connection and quality between design team and installer. You also have the best warranty out there with Jim and his team being certified Panasonic Installers (All Guard Warranty – 25 yrs on modules and labor). Our system was up and running 3 weeks from beginning of installation. We’re very happy customers and can’t wait to see the production numbers in the future and our investment pay itself off!

Tory, Frederick, MD

Couldn’t be Happier with the Entire Experience

We recently completed a major remodel of our 1950’s home with the last step being the design and installation of a solar panel array. We contacted several providers and, based in part on the recommendation of a neighbor, decided to work with Jim Reilly and Celestial. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. Jim discussed our objectives with us and developed a preliminary design. We have a multi-story roof and had specific ideas on where to place panels for aesthetics. Jim and his engineering team worked with us to maximize our production while staying true to our design objectives. Installation was completed right on schedule and the system has been in production for several months. Our generation has met or exceeded the design specs to date. Jim also helped us to apply for the MD state Clean Energy Rebate, which has already been approved. He also provided the necessary information for setting up our SREC trading account and we have already received our first reimbursement. Our entire experience with Jim and Celestial Solar Innovations has been wonderful and I highly recommend you consider them if you are contemplating the addition of solar to your home or business.

Dave, Bethesda, MD

A Great Experience

Working with Jim Reilly (Owner) at Celestial Solar Innovations was a great experience. I designed my pole barn specifically to add solar panels to my property. I wanted it to work well and look great unlike so many projects that I’ve seen that look a spaceship crashed on the roof or a set of middle school bleachers in someone’s yard. Aesthetics are important when you are making an addition to your property that will be seen by others. Jim was very patient with me through the design process as I learned about the various components and made numerous design updates to maximize the efficiency of the system while considering the various cost implications for the entire project. Jim’s crew of installers were also very pleasant to work with and always took the time necessary to answer my questions and work with me to achieve an installation that looks as great as it works! Celestial Solar is a one stop shop for design, installation, and service. They take care of all the permits, work with the utility company, and set you up for the revenue you will receive in the years to come. The return on this investment will pay for the solar panels and the entire barn project. I could not have hoped for a better outcome, and I highly recommend working with Celestial Solar

Steve, Woodbine, MD

Could Not be More Pleased

We could not be more pleased with any company doing any work than we were with Celestial Solar. Over the planning stages of our install Jim was incredibly patient, clearly heard our concerns, thought outside of the box, and then moved heaven and lots of earth to make this complicated installation work well and look good. All employees were pleasant, helpful, available, and the utmost in professional demeanor. Communication was outstanding. All paperwork was filed with the state and county in a timely manner. I cannot think of any detail that they could have done better. Celestial Solar did what they said they were going to do, for the price they said they would do it, in the time they said they would. What more can you ask for? Actually, a lot. Excellent communication, professional employees, and subcontractors that uphold the same high standards. Celestial Solar delivers on every point.

Heidi, Baltimore, MD