Build a larger system without main panel upgrades

SolarEdge has introduced the latest iteration of its SolarEdge Home Hub and Wave inverters in the United States.

The recently unveiled SolarEdge inverters will incorporate power control system (PCS) technology, facilitating the setup of PV systems that exceed 50% in size without necessitating costly and time-intensive main panel upgrades (MPU).

With the inclusion of the novel embedded PCS technology, the SolarEdge inverters now have the capability to oversee, balance, and regulate currents on the main panel busbar. This advancement allows for the installation of larger PV systems compared to what is currently permissible under the 2020 National Electrical Code 120% rule (705.12). In practical terms, this implies that a standard household equipped with a 200-A main panel could potentially integrate up to three 11.4-kW SolarEdge inverters without the need for a main panel upgrade, contingent upon local utility permits.

SolarEdge energy system illustration.

The SolarEdge DC-coupled architecture empowers up to a 200% DC oversize and the retention of surplus PV in the SolarEdge Home DC-coupled battery.

The PCS technology will be ingrained within the new SolarEdge Home Hub and Wave inverters, requiring solely the installation of current transformers (CTs) on the main panel. This eliminates the necessity for supplementary external connector boxes, thereby further streamlining the installation and commissioning processes.

Additional enhancements in the inverter encompass software innovations designed to expedite commissioning and the integration of automotive-grade critical components to elevate inverter reliability.

Zvi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge, remarked, “Customers aspire to deploy expanded PV systems on their rooftops, and financial factors play an integral role in shaping their choices. With the fresh SolarEdge inverters, installers can furnish customers with larger PV systems while sidestepping main panel upgrades, thereby markedly enhancing the economic feasibility of PV and battery storage throughout the United States.”

The novel embedded PCS technology will be showcased at the SolarEdge booth at RE+ (Booth 3311) and is anticipated to be open for orders by the culmination of this year.

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