Friends Meeting School Solar Installation

Friends Meeting School in Ijamsville, Maryland contacted Celestial Solar Innovations to evaluate their solar savings potential. With a newfound commitment to sustainable, clean energy, they wanted a solar installation that would maximize their green energy output.

This non-profit, independent, college preparatory school serves grades K-12 in Frederick County, Maryland. Authenticity is at the core of the school’s academic experience. In true Quaker fashion, the community’s energy is warm, welcoming, and sensitive to the surrounding world and environment.

With its location in an unobstructed open field, Friends Meeting School was ideally situated to receive maximum solar benefits. The only question was the type of installation that could best meet the school’s energy needs.

SunPower Solar Installation Meets 100% of Friends Meeting School–Sprawling Breiling Hall Energy Needs

The solar installation has proven quite successful. Friends Meeting School is now equipped with 200 SunPower panels expected to generate in excess of 100,000 kWhs of electricity annually. This is expected to offset 100% of Breiling Hall’s energy needs.

Breiling Hall is a 21,000 square foot building with a full-size gym, cafeteria, performing arts room, and multiple classrooms and offices.

Why Celestial Solar Innovations?

Friends Meeting School stands a testament to the principles of community, integrity, and stewardship of the environment. These core values serve as the guiding force behind the school’s decision to embrace solar energy. In an alignment of ideals, Celestial Solar Innovations, a local Maryland solar company, was chosen for its stellar reputation among Maryland residents, businesses, and schools.

The local roots and owner-operated nature of Celestial Solar Innovations found resonance with Friends Meeting School. They wanted a company that could deliver personalized service tailored to the school’s specific needs.

In choosing Celestial Solar Innovations, Friends Meeting School not only invests in a renewable energy solution, but also establishes a relationship with a local company capable of providing ongoing support. The local aspect ensures a community-driven approach, fostering a relationship that extends beyond the installation phase.

More Schools are Going Solar

According to the fourth edition of the “Brighter Future” report, released by the energy nonprofit Generation180, the number of US schools going solar has more than doubled since 2014. So-called “solar schools” now account for nearly 1 in 10 public, independent, and charter K-12 schools, serving more than 6 million students throughout the US.

As some schools build rooftop and ground-based solar arrays, others subscribe to community solar programs. In some cases, solar-powered schools generate enough extra electricity that they can sell back to the community. Since 2015, American schools produce enough solar energy to power all the households in a city the size of Boston or Denver.

With large parking spots and plenty of roof space, schools make ideal sites for solar installations. With battery backup, they can even maintain electricity usage during grid outages. Sustainable energy is saving money for schools in Maryland and throughout the nation. Celestial Solar Innovations is proud to be part of this movement.

Are You a Maryland School Considering Going Solar?

Are you a Maryland school eager to embrace a sustainable future and reduce energy costs? Celestial Solar Innovations is your reliable ally in seamless solar installations, empowering your Maryland school to conserve resources efficiently. Discover the benefits of going solar with us!

Take the first step toward solar energy independence by requesting a zero-pressure consultation with Celestial Solar Innovations.

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