Superior Solar Panel Installation in Ellicott City

If you’re a homeowner or business in the Ellicott City area considering solar energy, look no further than the experts at Celestial Solar Innovations. We are taking the solar industry by storm with our cutting-edge technologies and customer-focused approach.

Celestial Solar specializes in full-service solar panel installations tailored to each client’s unique needs and property. Our team of certified professionals guides you through every step – from the initial consultation and system design to securing permits, installation, and ongoing monitoring. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation and attention to detail.

13MWh Solar Array

ellicott city residential solar installation - aerial view

For one recent project in Ellicott City, Celestial Solar installed 35 high-efficiency Panasonic solar panels along with a new colonial red standing seam roof. We worked seamlessly with the roofing company to clamp the solar panel racking system directly onto the roof seams without penetrations.

The result is a stunning 13 MWh solar array that homeowners John and Kathy rave about: “We had a terrific experience putting solar on our house with Celestial Solar Innovations. From the start, the process was clear, open and supportive of our needs.

The company did first rate work in installing 35 panels on our home where we wanted them and where they knew they’d work best. They cared for the aesthetic as well as the production in the design.

They recommended a roofing company as we needed to upgrade. Their communications about the process, cost and timing were excellent and frequent.

When we wanted to paint the conduit the color of our roof, they even delivered it in advance of our panel installation so we could get that done.

We would highly recommend Celestial Solar Innovations–and going solar!”

Going Above & Beyond For Our Valued Clients

From custom designing systems for optimal energy production to color-matching exterior conduits for an attractive finish, Celestial Solar goes above and beyond. This recent Ellicott City project will cover the majority of the home’s energy needs for years to come while paying for itself in just 7 years.

In addition to beautiful residential installations like this one, Celestial Solar partners with businesses and commercial properties in Ellicott City. Our commercial-grade solar solutions reduce utility costs while boosting sustainability efforts.

Ellicott City Solar Expertise

Located in Catonsville, MD, Celestial Solar combines local expertise with a passion for renewable energy. Whether you’re eco-conscious or looking to save money long-term, our solar offerings are an intelligent investment.

Experience the power of solar and transition to clean energy today! Contact Celestial Solar Innovations at (240) 409-1148 to request a free solar evaluation for your Ellicott City home or business.

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