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Commercial Solar Power

Improve your bottom line with long-term energy savings.

Solar Installations of Any Size

Our local solar development company can handle installations of nearly any size. 

Whether it’s a golf course, car dealership, doctor’s office, dairy farm or any other small business, we will tend to all your solar needs.

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improve cash flow with solar power

Increase Your Cash Flow

Adding solar to your energy portfolio will cut your utility expense, increase your cash flow, and boost the value of your property. 

We incorporate innovation in technology to maximize your system’s energy production and efficiency.

Our unique business model maximizes state and federal incentives, driving upfront costs to an unheard of low in this industry.

Start the journey toward solar independence.

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We make solar easy

Turnkey Solar Solutions

From initial consultation to installation, we make every step hassle-free.

Professional Presentation

Professional solar energy consultation with solar snapshot presentation.

Performance Projections

System performance projections and financial performance analysis.

Expert Planning

Comprehensive site survey, system design, and detailed plan drafting.

Complete Documentation

We submit the building permit, grant application, and any necessary paperwork.

Positive Cash Flow

Generate positive cash flow within your first year of ownership.

Full Service Installation

Full service installation including grid tie-in and final inspection.


Years Of Experience

We make commercial solar easy

From Concept to Completion

As solar integrators, we strive to make your experience efficient and hassle-free. 

We start with a quick site survey and office visit that includes a customized solar snapshot of your business. We will answer any questions and find out the energy demands of your company.

Once your custom solar system design is complete, we will return for a second consultation that includes a detailed financial analysis of your savings.

Upon review and approval, we then draft, submit permits, and all necessary paperwork on your behalf. We will even manage your SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) account.

Once we receive the green light, installation is handled in a timely and unobtrusive manner by our experienced crew of solar professionals.

Own Your Power Generation For 25+ Years

Electric retail prices consistently rise over time. As electricity rates increase, so do your energy savings from solar power. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects U.S. residential electricity prices to increase by an average 12.4 cents per kWh in 2014, an increase of 2.2% from 2013. Solar power protects you against rising energy costs.

Maryland Solar Incentives

The costs associated with solar are cut dramatically with the Maryland Clean Energy Grant, SREC revenue, aggressive depreciation, the 30% Federal Tax Credit on the entire system’s cost, and much more.

100% ROI

There has never been a more lucrative time to have a solar photovoltaic system installed. 100% return on investment is rapid, usually between 4-5 years. That means our clients enjoy solar electric production, free, for the next twenty-plus years!

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