Professionals All the Way Through

Jim and his team were great. Professionals all the way through the whole process. I did a lot of upfront research on solar and the various installers, having many quotes generated for our house. Jim was not only the most responsive, but also very fairly priced compared to others. He approached it not as a salesman, but as a discussion of investment. Once we decided to go with Jim and his team, he worked diligently with us to make sure our design maximized our roof area, met our energy goals, and looked aesthetically pleasing. His team handled all of the paperwork and permitting required for the process.

Installation took 4 days from beginning to end. You know they are taking their time and doing quality work during that installation, and were courteous to our needs as homeowners in terms of coordinating the interior work. You also know you have a good team working with you when Jim refers to everyone on the installation team by their name. If you went with Tesla or someone else, they subcontract out the installation, and you wouldn’t get that same personal connection and quality between design team and installer. You also have the best warranty out there with Jim and his team being certified Panasonic Installers (All Guard Warranty – 25 yrs on modules and labor). Our system was up and running 3 weeks from beginning of installation. We’re very happy customers and can’t wait to see the production numbers in the future and our investment pay itself off!

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